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The handbook of inequality and socioeconomic position. Concepts and measures
  1. M Esposito
  1. Scienze umane e sociali, Università di Cassino, via Mazzaroppi 10, Cassino (Fr), 03043, Italy;

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    Mary Shaw, Bruna Galobardes, Debbie A Lawlor, John Lynch, Ben Wheeler, George Davey Smith. Published by Policy PressBristol 2007238 ISBN-9781861347664

    The book, as the authors write in the preface, is a sort of “toolbox” for describing and assessing outcomes according to socioeconomic position (SEP). It is composed of four parts: key concepts, measures of SEP, measures of inequality, and theoretical and methodological issues. For each part, a clear definition of the concept/measure is presented, associated with references, further reading and links with other connected parts of the book. Furthermore, in many cases interesting discussion points are described, regarding relevant quotations, giving some examples with specifications and tables. In some chapters there is discussion of the strengths and the limitations of the concepts and/or the measures, in a sort of SWOT evaluation (Strengths/Weaknesses, Opportunities/Threats).

    The first part, “key concepts”, deals with …

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