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Basic Concepts in Statistics and Epidemiology
  1. E Agerbo
  1. National Centre for Register-based Research, University of Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark;

    Statistics from

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    Theodore H MacDonald. Published by Radcliffe Publishing Ltd, Oxford, 2007, pp 214, £21.95 (softcover). ISBN 9781846191244.

    This book is a great primer for understanding underlying concepts and practical issues related to statistical ideas in public health. This book is well written, and the author’s 15-year-long teaching experience shines through. This book consists of 15 chapters with elucidating examples and study exercises. Chapter 1 introduces distribution and measures of variation by using figures and intuitive derivations. For example, it is heuristically explained why the denominator in the standard deviation is “n–1” and not “n”. Chapter 2 provides a glimpse of probability theory. The concept of independent events and when probabilities should be added or multiplied are clarified for the innocent. With a bit of algebra, the reader is presented with binomial expansions, permutations and combinations which are …

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