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  1. Mauricio L Barreto, Editor

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    This issue starts with an editorial by Jiménez-Rodrigo and colleagues calling for greater gender parity in science. There is an increasing number of women dedicated to research, and gender parity has become an important issue not only for feminists but also for scientists and scientific institutions concerned with disparities in their own working environment. (page 474)

    In public health past and present, Herring and colleagues discuss the concept of binge drinking in the UK from a historical perspective, showing that at present it is poorly defined and that this lack of clarity fulfils a function in the policy world. Their discussion also illustrates some of the tensions present in the relationship between science and policy. (page 476) In a single, but sincere text, Bellido-Blasco in speakers’ corner reminds us about the growing importance of the local epidemiologist and the need to reflect on training and on how to value this professional group. (page 479)

    In a compassionate review, Sheikh and colleagues seek to explore the challenges …

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