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The science of real-time data capture: self-reports in health research
  1. Antònia Domingo-Salvany
  1. Health Services Research Unit, IMIM-Hospital del Mav, Dr Aiguader 88, PRBB Building, Barcelona 08003, Spain;

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    Edited by Arthur A Stone, Saul Shiffman, Audie A Atienza, Linda Nebeling. . Published by Oxford University Press, May 2007, pp 396, £32.99 (hardback). ISBN 9778-0-19-517871-5

    I have read with real interest this book that provides new insights into the methodology of acquiring information from humans.

    A large body of research has already been implemented with this fairly new methodology called “real-time data capture”, mainly with one specific method: “ecological momentary assessment”, terms that may be used interchangeably, as the first editor conveys in the final chapter. The book introduces the reader very clearly and smoothly to its theory and methodology in five chapters (Part I); the last of which is a practical guide on how to use statistical methods (including multilevel analysis) to answer previously defined questions.

    Our memory is selective, and the mechanisms by which we recall …

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