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European smokefree class competition: a measure to decrease smoking in youth
  1. Reiner Hanewinkel1,2,
  2. Gudrun Wiborg3,
  3. Kamel Abdennbi4,
  4. Carlos Ariza5,
  5. Caroline Bollars6,
  6. Sue Bowker7,
  7. M Pais Clemente8,
  8. Verena El Fehri9,
  9. Ewa Florek10,
  10. Drahoslava Hruba11,
  11. Vidar Jensson12,
  12. Kädi Lepp13,
  13. Lucia Lotrean14,
  14. Manel Nebot15,
  15. Manfred Neuberger16,
  16. Kristel Ojala17,
  17. Maria Pilali18,
  18. Marie-Paule Prost-Heinisch19,
  19. Kirsi Rämälä20,
  20. Renate Spruijt21,
  21. Peter Stastny22,
  22. Elizabeth Tamang23,
  23. Sylvia Touraine24,
  24. Aurelijus Veryga25,
  25. Erkki Vartiainen26
  1. 1University of Kiel, Medical School, Department of Medical Psychology and Sociology, Kiel, Germany
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  26. 26KTL, National Public Health Institute, Helsinki, Finland
  1. Correspondence to:
 Dr Reiner Hanewinkel
 Institute for Therapy and Health Research, IFT-Nord, Düsternbrooker Weg 2, 24105 Kiel, Germany; hanewinkel{at}

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This letter corrects misleading and incorrect statements about the smokefree class competition (SFC) in a recent paper.1

Statement 1. “Modified versions of this competition should be developed, using … group influence in a positive way. For instance, a non-smoking contest is being developed in Geneva using student’s creativity and peer support in the class” (p. 759).

  • The authors fail to say that one of them is involved in the initiative they promote.

  • What they describe as “new approach… to smoking prevention” …

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