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Children of the 21st century. From birth to 9 months
  1. Beatriz E Alvarado

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    Edited by Shirley Dex, Heather Joshi. Published by Policy Press, Bristol, 2005, 282 pp, £24.99 (softcover), ISBN 1-86134-6881-3

    This book offers the first report on data obtained from the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS), a cohort of 18 819 UK babies born in the 21st century. The book takes an original approach to the study of child health and development by considering social and health conditions as sources of capital. For instance, family resources (father, mother and relatives) and neighbourhood are studied as sources of social capital, ethnicity, religion and language as sources of cultural capital, and parents’ health as a source of human capital. Doing so, the authors open a general concern that inequalities are not …

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