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Saluting good health
  1. Carlos Alvarez-Dardet,
  2. John R Ashton, Joint Editors

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    In this issue we salute Aaron Antonovsky and his salutonogenesis theories. Antonovsky features in our Gallery; we also have an Editorial and linked article on multilevel models of social epidemiology, and specific contributions on salutogenesis in the forms of:

    • a Glossary from the Nordic School of Public Health in Gothenburg;

    • a Research Report that seeks to test differences between concepts of ill health;

    • a prospective study of sense of coherence and disability pensions, using the sense of coherence measure;

    • a systematic review of the use of Antonovsky’s sense of coherence scale.

    To outsiders coming into the field of health, it is often a puzzle that we are so obsessed with sickness and pathology, and so little interested in health and the factors that go to determine it. Cynics familiar with the planned obsolescence of household appliances and motorcar parts …

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