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  1. Levi Tafari

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    Levi Tafari can be viewed performing this poem on the JECH web site at: with children from Windsor Street School in Liverpool, UK. The Editors would like to thank Windsor Street School and National Museums Liverpool ( for their help with the filming of this performance.

    “Well hello everybody
 how do you do?
 I wanna introduce
 myself to you!
 My name is LITTER
 I dwell in the gutter
 I’m comprised of glass,
 wood, metal and paper
 I’m getting larger
 hour after hour
 you’ll find me lurking
 in your area.”
 “I move around the city
 I make it untidy
 to human beings
 I’m really unhealthy
 I’m not very pretty
 in fact I’m quite ugly
 some people even say
 I’m real dirty
 so I do what I can
 to upset man
 I’m unpopular
 I’m not a part of his plan
 a menace to society
 I’m very naughty
 like poison
 I’m quite deadly
 vermin love me
 I make them feel secure
 I’m produced by the rich
 thrown out by the poor
 I’ve been around
 a really long time
 even though you’ve made
 dropping me a crime
 and if you think I’m rough
 you ain’t seen nothing yet
 I’ll get up to your neck
 and make you sweat
 this is a promise
 it is not a threat
 yes you can call me names
 say I’m no good
 but it won’t stop me
 messing up your neighbourhood.”
 from the gutter
 and my mission
 is to make you SUFFER.”


    This poem was originally published in Tafari L. Rhyme Don’t Pay. Wirral, UK: Headland Publications, 1993 (available from Headland Publications at 38 York Avenue, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 3JF), and is reproduced in the JECH with the author’s permission.

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    • Tafari Poem Collection

      This poem is one of a collection of eight poems by Levi Tafari on environmental health.
      A recording (video and audio) of this and three other poems from the collection are available.

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