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Hot from the sky
  1. Levi Tafari

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    “I interrupt the silence
 to bring to your attention
 the gases that protect the EARTH
 are faced with mass destruction.”
 “I feel it is important
 to give you this information
 because of the severity
 of the situation.”

 have come out to play
 they’re having fun on our skin
 and we are slowly dying
 people bathing in the sun
 it’s time to take cover
 scientific evidence suggests
 these rays can cause skin cancer
 people with a light skin tone
 you’d better beware
 you see you are prone to this
 because your skin is fair.
 The EARTH is crying out in pain
 as her surface turns bone dry
 keep beaming from the sky
 food is getting very scarce
 crops refuse to grow
 man has got himself to blame
 you reap what you sow
 mortality is very high
 hunger and starvation
 we need to act rapidly
 to rectify this situation
 do away with CFC’s
 and other forms of pollution
 otherwise things will crash!
 the end of this CREATION.

    “And that concludes
 this brief interruption
 thanks for listening
 thanks for your attention.”

    “Don’t have nightmares.”


    This poem was originally published in Tafari L. Rhyme Don’t Pay. Wirral, UK: Headland Publications, 1993 (available from Headland Publications at 38 York Avenue, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 3JF), and is reproduced in the JECH with the author’s permission.