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Tai Chi
  1. Levi Tafari

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    It relaxes the body
 It’s good for the soul
 It releases tension
 for the young and the old
 Movements that keep you healthy
 they call it the art of TAI CHI
 It exercises the limbs all over
 It purifies the blood
 makes you healthier
 Stretching, turning rhythmically
 flowing, moving consciously
 Relaxed movements
 like the sea flows
 controlled breathing
 like the wind blows
 A ancient art
 from civilized nation
 A series of moves
 in deep meditation
 The yin and the yan
 which is soft and hard
 you can only comprehend it
 if your mind is broad
 It functions to the beat
 of creation
 It balances left and right
 in perfection
 So why not make friends with your body?
 Through the art of TAI CHI.


    This poem was originally published in Tafari L. Rhyme Don’t Pay. Wirral, UK: Headland Publications, 1993 (available from Headland Publications at 38 York Avenue, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 3JF), and is reproduced in the JECH with the author’s permission.

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      This poem is one of a collection of eight poems by Levi Tafari on environmental health.
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