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The prevalence of blindness in Malaysia is 0.29%, with cataract the leading cause, according to results from the first ever Malaysian National Eye Survey (

). From a sample obtained by a stratified two stage cluster strategy, Zainal et al interviewed and examined 18 027 respondents. The age adjusted prevalence of blindness was 0.29% while that of low vision was 2.44%. Thirty nine per cent of blindness was caused by cataract, while uncorrected refractive error accounted for 48% of low vision. As these are both highly treatable, improvements in the provision of eye care would have a significant impact on the burden of visual impairment in Malaysia.


Undercorrected refractive error is a common condition in older people with a significant impact on their independent living. A population based survey explored several demographic, social, and eye related variables that are associated with the condition (

). The researchers measured visual acuity and checked for refractive errors in 3654 …

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