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Peer review
  1. T Jefferson
  1. Health Reviews Ltd, Via Adige 28a Roma, Italy;

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    This short glossary covers some terms used in the peer review process.


    A professional writer/editor usually employed by the authors’ institution to help prepare publications and grant applications. More common in the US than in Europe.


    A set of guidelines for reporting the results of randomised controlled trials.


    The author whose full contact details appear on a publication and who is the point of contact with the journal for handling reviewers’ comments, proofs, etc.


    The person in overall charge who makes final decisions about acceptance, policy, etc. Larger journals may employ several editors who handle papers and also technical editors (or …

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    • Conflicts of interest: Tom Jefferson co-edited the book “Peer review in health sciences” and co-authored the book “How to survive peer review” and the Christmas board game “Get Peered”.

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