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Prenatal origins of disease in later life and a fair amount of cardiovascular public health
  1. Carlos Alvarez-Dardet, Joint Editor,
  2. John R Ashton, Joint Editor

    Statistics from

    In this issue there is a set of papers on various aspects of heart disease, with some cross reference to the origins of adult health in prenatal life and the Barker hypothesis.

    A paper from the Netherlands seems to show that twice weekly, rather than weekly gymnastics is needed to obtain full health benefits from this level of physical activity, while there is evidence of the “inverse care law” being alive and well in primary care in Sheffield. Support for a regional approach to the provision of cardiac surgery comes from Italy, where quality and access seem to benefit from a focus at this aggregate level.
 See pages 83, 89, 97

    Meanwhile, Lawlor et al produce more evidence that intra-uterine exposures that …

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