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Regulating entrepreneurial behaviour in European health care systems
  1. Luke Clancy
  1. Dublin University Crest, Clinical Directorate St James’ Hospital, Dublin 8, Ireland

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    Edited by R B Saltman, R Busse, E Mossialos. (Pp 240; £22.50 (pbk), £65.00 (hbk)). Open University Press, Buckingham, 2002. ISBN 0-335-20922-X (pbk); 0-335-20923-8 (hbk)

    This is a hugely interesting book on health care systems in Europe

    It is fascinating from a clinician’s point of view to read a book full of detail about health care that hardly mentions patients, doctors, nurses, or indeed any other healthcare workers. It is not easy to read from cover to cover but is rewarding.

    Given the recent history of the UK NHS it …

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