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The Argentinean paradox: the case of contradictory child malnutrition epidemics
  1. Raul Mercer
  1. Investigator at CEDES (Centre for Studies of State and Society); Coordinator of the Master Program in Social Sciences and Health, FLACSO/CEDES, Sanchez de Bustamante 27, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

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    The media avalanche around child malnutrition is part of the current complex and heterogeneous situation of Argentina. From the nutritional standpoint, Argentina exhibits a kaleidoscopic health profile that is unexplainable from the rational logic. On one side, severe cases of malnourished children are violently exposed through the media as unexpected breaking news. Media has been functional to the system contributing to install health problems into the public debate based on a corporate interest and a biased approach. Our recent history offers a …

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