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Virus pathogens suggest an autumn return
  1. A S M Abdullah
  1. Department of Community Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, 5/F, Academic Block, 21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong;

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    SARS is one of the deadly new emerging infectious diseases identified in the 21st century. Since its emergence in November 2002, SARS has created public panic and raised many issues among healthcare workers and policy makers around the world. Although healthcare communities together with public vigilance around the world seem to have halted the SARS outbreak, at least for the time being, the question remains to be answered is whether the infection will reappear? I believe if SARS follows the pattern of other respiratory viruses, it is probable that it will reappear next autumn during the influenza season. I have the following explanations in support of my opinion.

    Policy implications

    • Greater vigilance about health and hygiene and the open sharing of medical information should be the norm in future.

    • In the absence of any effective vaccine or treatment, the only way to combat SARS is to limit its spread. …

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