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Priorities of the candidates for the post of Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
  1. Mirta Roses Periago

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    My first five actions as Director of PAHO

    After I have recovered from the great emotion that being elected would bring to me, I would begin organising the transition team, putting my ideas to test against the realities and constraints involved, collecting suggestions, and calling upon every staff member, stakeholder, and partner to join with me in working for and with the organisation.

    I am planning to organise my first actions around five issues:

    1. Strengthening the participation of member countries in the governing bodies by: introducing rotation of venues; assigning EC members clear responsibilities between meetings; involving countries in consultations and preparation of official documents; opening opportunities for exchanging experiences and improving the flow of discussions; and consensus building between the national, sub regional, regional, and global levels.

    2. Revitalising staff relations with more involvement and a participative decision process through both structured and open mechanisms, the creation of a positive environment conducive to a strong team spirit, self confidence, and pride in the Organization, and commitment for team work based on a shared public service ethic.

    3. Redefining the generation, organisation, and delivery of technical cooperation through increased involvement of civil servants, the academic and scientific sectors, institutions, and organisations from public, private, and non-governmental areas. Streamlining and simplifying the current regional structure and seeking to increase the quality, impact, and sustainability of the contribution of the Organization to the advancement of nations and the quality of life of their people.

    4. Maximising the incorporation of information technology into the core culture and operations of the Organization to support and improve relationships with member countries, public health workers, general public, and staff. New technology will promote equitable access, responsiveness, and transparency in the decisions and the definition of mandates.

    5. Establishing a carefully structured calendar for shifting resource allocations to priority areas and countries, and increasing resource mobilisation efforts, focusing on …

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