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Origins and early history of the Society for Social Medicine in the UK and Ireland
  1. J Pemberton
  1. The Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland
  1. Correspondence to:
 Professor J Pemberton, Iona, Cannonfields, Hope Valley, Derbyshire S32 1AG, UK;


This is a personal account of my recollections of the origins and early history of the Society for Social Medicine. Others may have different views of the significance of the events described or of the contributions of those concerned with its beginnings.

  • social medicine
  • history

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  • * Stampar was a survivor of several regimes and a big man in every way. He started a lecture to the Sheffield medical school with the words: “I expect that I am the only professor of social medicine who has been in prison four times.”

  • Aphorisms of F A E Crew: “The House of Commons is the pharmacy of Social Medicine,” and “Man is the greatest pathogen known to man.”

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