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El control de las enfermedades transmisibles, 17th edn.
  1. M Delgado-Rodríguez
  1. Division of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Jaen, Spain

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    Edited by J Chin. (Pp 748; price not stated). Informe Oficial de la Asociación Americana de Salud Pública (American Public Health Association). Organización Panamericana de la Salud. Publicación Científica y Técnica no 581, 2001. ISBN 9-27-531581-7

    This book is the translation to Spanish by the Pan-American Health Office of a well known text, the compendium report of the American Public Health Association on Control of Communicable Diseases in Man. This new edition updates most of the infectious diseases. Its small size, a pocket book, makes it attractive. At the beginning of the book the first chapter covers how every disease is described in the text: brief clinical description, agent, distribution, reservoir, mechanism of transmission, incubation period, transmissibility period, susceptibility, and control measures. The second chapter offers a brief summary of surveillance of infectious diseases. After these chapters every infectious disease is described. They are ordered alphabetically, which permits an easy finding of any condition. The reader is given a comprehensive approach on the epidemiology and preventive measures of infectious diseases. The text ends with a chapter offering a comprehensive glossary of the scientific terms used throughout.

    It is a highly recommended read for those who would seek an introduction to the epidemiology and prevention of most infectious diseases. It is targeted at public health officers, but it can also be very useful for specialists in infectious diseases, teachers, and medical students. The text gives the opportunity to Spanish speaking professionals and students to share this excellent job sponsored by the American Public Health Association.