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From North Sea to Black Sea: progress towards common public health practice
  1. Teri Knight1,
  2. Christopher Birt1,
  3. Lesley Armitage1,
  4. Ioan Bocsan2
  1. 1Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham, UK
  2. 2Epidemiology Division, Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Family Practice, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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    The European Commission (EC) has noted the need for public health protection in central and east European countries, which aspire to European Union (EU) membership, to approximate towards west European standards, prior to EU enlargement. In 1998 an EC agency funded a seminar at which representatives of public health communities in the 10 “associated” countries in central and east Europe met to share experiences concerning developments in the public health function, and to develop a shared vision of the future for public health across an enlarged EU. Information on the structure and function of public health within Estonia, Latvia, Slovak Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Romania was obtained (using a self administered questionnaire sent to all seminar …

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