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Persistent toxic chemicals: more than Stockholm persistent organic pollutants
  1. G Bengtsson
  1. Correspondence to:
 Gunnar Bengtsson, Swedish National Chemicals Inspectorate, Box 1384, S-17127 Solna, Sweden;


Schafer and Kegley bring up the important issue of excessive chemicals exposure of children. However, they do not consider in depth the “cumulative and simultaneous exposures faced by children, (…) moving beyond the chemical-by-chemical approach of the past”, as quoted from the US Environmental Protection Agency national agenda to protect children from environmental health threats. Existing evidence for contamination by many substances beyond those dealt with in the article calls for additional protective measures. These could include an extra margin of exposure by a factor of 10 to cover cumulation of chemicals, for adults and children alike.

  • child health
  • chemical safety
  • persistent organic pollutants
  • persistent toxic substances
  • POPs, persistent organic pollutants
  • IQ, intelligence quotient

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