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The future, complexity, death and surprise

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    During the past months, I have almost been overwhelmed by the deaths of friends. I had never believed that I would be awash in all this death and dying. The earlier dying of my parents was calmer, and almost expected. My mum's death is less full of feeling now, but sadly, memory of her death has faded over the years. What is left from the deaths in the past 10 years, are rich memories. Most are good, and full of the stories and doings, that helped make up my own rich life.

    I take a quick look at them all, and they take me back to the years where not a thought of mortality occurred. I was free, and like most younger people, almost full of my sense of immortality and the future. There was, and still is, other adventures ahead, mostly coming from sharing time with those I truly care for.

    The richest anticipations are with my children and theirs. I'm proud of them, in all their difference. They are all favourites of mine, each in different ways. Gathering them together, as just occurred was full of joy, pleasure, and a proudness of whom they are.

    From the past, are images of …

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