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The essence of community
  1. University of California at Berkeley, USA

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    There is an increase of self interests and turf issues, in the health field.

    The reply to change is “We can't do that!” It reflects the inability and fear of exploring “alternate scenarios”. It demands dreaming, speculation and surprise.

    This response of politicians, unwilling to take risks, is an excuse for leadership, using polls of public opinion. A leader is acoach, enabler, facilitator to find newstories. Leaders are educators.

    Ordinary problems of people are ignored. Problems in communities are: food, shelter, health care, education, jobs, racism, and living with a diverse uncaring world. Ignoring this, makes peoplesuperfluous.

    Our preoccupation is with “I”, ignoring “WE”. An absence of the whole community. Seeing fragments, some say, is human nature. At our beginning levels …

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