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Levels of customary physical activity among the old and the very old living at home.
  1. H M Dallosso,
  2. K Morgan,
  3. E J Bassey,
  4. S B Ebrahim,
  5. P H Fentem,
  6. T H Arie
  1. Department of Physiology, University of Nottingham Medical School, Queen's Medical Centre.


    With an activity inventory designed specifically for use among elderly people, detailed profiles of customary physical activity were obtained from 507 old (aged 65-74 years) and 535 very old (aged 75 years and over) individuals randomly sampled from the community. Participation in four categories of activity was assessed: outdoor productive activities; indoor productive activities; leisure activities; and walking. Customary engagement in many activities was found to be low, age (old versus very old) and sex being among the most important determinants of participation. The method of assessment is described, and activity profiles normative for older age groups are presented.

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