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Effect of socioeconomic status on survival from cervical cancer in Sheffield.
  1. P C Milner,
  2. M Watts
  1. Department of Community Medicine, Sheffield Health Authority, Westbrook House.


    The relation between age at registration, socioeconomic status, and survival from cervical cancer for women resident in Sheffield was examined using the 556 such cases registered with the Trent Cancer Registry from 1971 to 1984. The address and electoral ward at registration were used to categorize the socioeconomic status of 99% of the women. Five year survival for all cases was 49%, increasing age having a predictable deleterious effect. Socioeconomic status seemed to have little effect on survival, especially when the covarying effect of age had been taken into account. It is hypothesised that the survival inequalities for cervical cancer demonstrated elsewhere have largely been prevented in Sheffield by good access to effective treatment from the National Health Service.

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