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A case-control study of acute appendicitis and diet in children.
  1. M Nelson,
  2. J Morris,
  3. D J Barker,
  4. S Simmonds
  1. MRC Enviromental Epidemiology Unit, University of Southampton, Southampton General Hospital.


    The diets of 53 Southampton children who had had appendicitis were compared with those of two sets of age-sex matched controls using a seven-day weighed food record. One set of controls comprised classmates of the cases; the other was a random sample of all schoolchildren in the city. The cases weighed less and were shorter in height; they had lower intakes of energy, all the main nutrients and water. The differences in weight and water intake were statistically significant. Low water intake was identified as a risk factor independent of other factors. Consumption of dietary fibre from cereals and vegetables in relation to total energy intake and body weight was similar in cases and controls.

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