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Services for stroke patients one year after stroke.
  1. J Legh-Smith,
  2. D T Wade,
  3. R Langton-Hewer


    The use of community services by stroke patients was investigated one year after their stroke. Survivors from a register of all patients from a defined community were followed up one year after their stroke. Four hundred and thirty six of the 492 survivors were seen: 301 lived at home with someone, 82 lived at home alone, and 53 were in long-stay care. One hundred and forty seven (38%) of those at home were visited by one or more community services, the major ones being district nurse (73), home help (73), day centres (42), and meals on wheels (30). Analysis suggests that these services reach the patients who need most help. However, some 57 (19%) disabled patients are being looked after at home without any outside help.

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