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Analysis of death rates in the population aged 60 years and over of Greater Glasgow by postcode sector of residence.
  1. D Hume,
  2. J Womersley


    Using computer tapes of death registrations for the period 1980-2, and paper copy of population data for the 1981 census, death rates were calculated for the population resident in each of the 112 postcode sectors that make up the area served by the Greater Glasgow Health Board. Rates were calculated for both sexes in combination for each of the age groups 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, and 85 years and over. The difference in the mean death rate for the 22 postcodes in the quintile with the highest rates and the 22 postcodes in the quintile with the lowest rates was just over twofold in the 60-64 age group, just under twofold in the 65-84 age groups, but only 1.2-fold in the age group 85 years and over. There was marked consistency between the various age groups in the mortality rating for the postcode sectors, the postcode sectors with the highest death rates being located entirely in the more disadvantaged areas of the city and suburbs. The geographical mortality pattern for the older population was very similar to that (standardised for age and sex) in the 15-59 year age group.

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