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Stigma in patients with early epilepsy: a national longitudinal study.
  1. N Britten,
  2. M E Wadsworth,
  3. P B Fenwick


    Forty six cases of epilepsy were identified from the National Survey of Health and Development. An index of social visibility at school was constructed from teachers' reports of survey members' behaviour at 15 years of age. For the sample as a whole this index was significantly associated with poorer educational outcomes, after adjusting for social background and measured attainment, but was not associated with poor occupational achievement. However the index did not differentiate between epileptic and non-epileptic children. Although cases with epilepsy were shown to be more at risk of psychiatric disturbance, it is concluded that their lives were less disrupted than might have been expected, and that there is no evidence from this study that stigma affects the lives of those whose epilepsy was not complicated by other pathologies.

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