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Pulmonary tuberculosis among contacts of patients with tuberculosis in an urban Indian population.
  1. R A Kumar,
  2. M Saran,
  3. B L Verma,
  4. R N Srivastava


    The study was conducted among 1810 contacts of 50 index "cases"/"suspects" of pulmonary tuberculosis including 312 household and 1498 neighbourhood contacts in the Jhansi city of Uttar Pradesh. The overall prevalence of radiologically active and bacteriologically confirmed tuberculosis was 2.9% and 1.1%. The prevalence rates of radiologically active and bacteriologically confirmed disease, although comparatively high in both the contact groups, were significantly higher in household (5.4% and 2.6%) than in neighbourhood contacts (2.3% and 0.8%). Significant differences in distribution of secondary cases among clusters were observed. Although higher prevalence rates were found in contacts of sputum positive source than in contacts of sputum negative source in both the contact groups, the statistical difference was observed to be insignificant. Case yield among contact symptomatics was 80.0% (30.8% cases and 49.2% suspects).

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