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Chest pain in women: a study of prevalence and mortality follow up in south Wales.
  1. M J Campbell,
  2. P C Elwood,
  3. S Abbas,
  4. W E Waters


    The London School of Hygiene cardiovascular questionnaire was administered by interviewers in a community survey of 1428 women aged 45-74 living in the Rhondda Fach in south Wales. The results were analysed after a 12 year follow up for mortality. The prevalence of angina was similar to that of a Swiss population, where the method of administration of the questionnaire was similar. The risk of dying associated with angina was some 50% higher than that for women without angina, significant at the 5% level. The risk was greatest for women aged 45-54 when angina accounted for some 15% of deaths in the follow up period. Grade 2 angina was associated with a higher mortality from coronary heart disease, with more than double the risk. The overall risk of dying associated with angina did not appear to decline with time.

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