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Socioeconomic status and risk of cancer, cerebral stroke, and death due to coronary heart disease and any disease: a longitudinal study in eastern Finland.
  1. J T Salonen


    The association of socioeconomic status with the risk of death from ischaemic heart disease and any disease as well as the risk of cerebral stroke and any cancer was studied in 3644 men aged 30-59, based on a random sample from the population of eastern Finland. Age, smoking, blood pressure, and serum cholesterol concentration were allowed for in multiple logistic models. On the basis of these data, not being married, short education, and low income are associated with an excessive risk of death from ischaemic heart disease and any disease. The data also indicated that men who were not married and who lived in urban areas might have an increased risk of cerebral stroke and those with a short education an increased risk of cancer.

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