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Risk factors for gall-bladder disease: a cohort study of young women attending family planning clinics
  1. Peter M Layde,
  2. Martin P Vessey,
  3. David Yeates
  1. Family Planning Evaluation Division, Center for Health Promotion and Education, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  2. The Department of Community Medicine and General Practice, Oxford University, Oxford OX2 6HE, UK


    During 1968-74, 17 032 women aged 25-39 years were recruited to the Oxford/Family Planning Association Contraceptive Study. By the end of August 1981, 227 of these women had suffered surgically confirmed gall-bladder disease during the follow-up period, an incidence of 1·47 per 1000 woman-years. Obesity was by far the strongest risk factor for gall-bladder disease, but late age at first term birth and cigarette smoking also had statistically significant independent effects. The influence of the use of oral contraceptives on risk was small.

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