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Reliability of a population survey tool for measuring perceived health problems: a study of patients with osteoarthrosis.
  1. S M Hunt,
  2. S P McKenna,
  3. J Williams


    A study is described which tested the reliability of the Nottingham Health Profile, a standardised measure of perceived health status suitable for use with both large groups and individual patients. Patients with osteoarthrosis, uncomplicated by other diagnosed conditions, were given the questionnaire to fill in on two separate occasions four weeks apart. Analysis of data showed that all sections of the profile achieved a high level of reliability with coefficients of correlation ranging from 0.77 to 0.85 on part I and from 0.44 to 0.86 on part II. Patients reported many problems in the areas of physical mobility, pain, sleep, and energy, but rather fewer in the areas of social isolation and emotional reactions. With the exception of family relationships, most respondents reported a high level of disruption of their daily activities. Patients were very consistent in the number and type of problems which they affirmed.

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