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The prevalence and severity of urinary incontinence in women.
  1. J W Yarnell,
  2. G J Voyle,
  3. C J Richards,
  4. T P Stephenson


    One thousand and sixty women aged 18 or over, randomly selected from a defined geographical area in South Wales, were interviewed at home about their urinary symptoms. Ninety-five per cent co-operated, of whom 45% admitted to some degree of incontinence. "Stress' incontinence was reported by 22% of women, "urge' incontinence by 10%, and both types combined--"complex'--by 14%. In most women urinary loss was both small and infrequent but 5% of all women experienced a loss sufficient to necessitate a change of clothes; in 2.6% such loss occurred daily. Over 3% of all women reported that incontinence interfered with their social or domestic life but only half of these had sought medical advice.

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