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Multiple sclerosis in the Orkney and Shetland Islands. V: The effect on viral titres of histocompatibility determinants.
  1. D C Poskanzer,
  2. J L Sever,
  3. P I Terasaki,
  4. L B Prenney,
  5. J L Sheridan,
  6. M S Park


    HLA phenotypes were correlated with serum antibody titres to eight viruses in patients with multiple sclerosis and two matched control groups in the Orkney Islands. In patients, no specific HLA antigen was associated wtih increased or decreased viral titres. However, HLA-B7 was significantly correlated with higher measles titres in healthy controls. Furthermore, controls who had the HLA haplotypes, B7, DW2 ad B-cell 4, demonstrated significantly higher antibody titres to measles and rubella than controls without these determinants (P less than 0.005). To determine the effect of age, sex, and other variables upon viral titres, regression analysis was undertaken. A significant proportion of measles titre variance in patients was explained by sex and clinical factors. Among normal controls, HLA determinants explained a significant amount of measles and rubella titre variance. These data suggest that viral titres in normal individuals are influenced by certain HLA antigens and give indirect evidence that another, as yet undefined, determinant in the histocompatibility complex governs the immune response.

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