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A study of persons aged 65 and over in the Leeds Metropolitan District.
  1. H McDonnell,
  2. A F Long,
  3. B J Harrison,
  4. C Oldman


    A study of the elderly living in the community and in institutional care in the Leeds Metropolitan District is outlined. Four populations of persons aged 65 and over were examined: those living in their own homes; in sheltered housing; in social services aged persons' hostels (Part III accommodation); and in hospitals. Findings on one key concept--coping ability--are discussed. Those living in their own homes were most able to cope. Many living in institutions were well able to cope in the community according to the criteria of mobility and functional ability. The relationship between age, morbidity, and coping ability were examined. Women were more likely to report the presence of a long-term illness than men. Housebound respondents in the community were twice as likely to be suffering from non-traumatic locomotor disorders, eyesight disorders, and cerebrovascular disease than respondents in the community sample taken as a whole.

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