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Self-reported morbidity data as an indicator of regional resource requirement.
  1. R Dajda


    In this paper five variables are taken from the General Household Survey and the statistical technique of multidimensional scaling is used to estimate the relationships between the standard economic regions of England and Wales in terms of their self-reported morbidity. An estimate is then made of the proportion of resources that must be allocated to each region in order to eliminate the differences found. The five variables measuring longstanding illness; limiting longstanding illness; restricted activity; certificated absence; and general practitioner consultation were standardised, and input to a multidimensional scaling programme. This showed that the English regions were very similar to each other, although a morbidity continuum could be identified which corresponded to the North-South variation in socioeconomic conditions found in England. Wales, however, shows considerable difference from the English regions, a difference which cannot be explained purely in terms of the socioeconomic conditions in the region. For this reason a far more detailed investigation is proposed.

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