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Living conditions in childhood and subsequent development of risk factors for arteriosclerotic heart disease. The cardiovascular survey in Finnmark 1974-75.
  1. A Forsdahl


    Several studies in Norway have shown large differences in risk factors for arteriosclerotic heart disease among municipalities. Today it is difficult to show specific differences in the standard of living between the various municipalities to explain these findings. However, such differences have previously existed, and were expressed by, for example, the variations in infant mortality from one municipality to another. In this work a significant positive correlation is shown between the cholesterol values among men and women aged 35-49 years and the infant mortality rate previously present in the municipalities for the same cohort. The findings indicate that poverty in childhood and adolescence, followed by later prosperity, results in high cholesterol values. The findings are related to previous work where a significant positive correlation was shown between infant mortality rates and later mortality rates from arteriosclerotic heart disease.

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