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A case control study of carcinoma of the ovary.
  1. M L Newhouse,
  2. R M Pearson,
  3. J M Fullerton,
  4. E A Boesen,
  5. H S Shannon


    There is increased concern over the apparent rise in incidence of patients with carcinoma of the ovary, particularly in older women. In an attempt to identify aetiological factors 300 women with cancer of the ovary diagnosed at laparatomy were studied. A questionnaire was administered to these women (Group A) and to two control groups matched by age. The first control group (Group B) comprised patients in a gynaecological ward and the second (Group C) comprised were shown in the obstetric history of the three groups. Fewer of the women in Group A had married and fewer had ever been pregnant and the family size was smaller. Significantly fewer of them recollected an attack of mumps, measles, or rubella. In all, only 81 of the whole series of 900 had used oral contraceptives, 19 of Group A and 31 in each of the control groups, a statistically significant deficiency. These findings support those of other investigations and suggest lines of further inquiry.

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