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Maintenance of weight loss in obese subjects.
  1. A E Bender,
  2. D A Bender


    The records of a selected group of 215 subjects who had successfully lost surplus weight were followed-up for periods of one to six years. Mean initial weight was 131% of standard (19.5 kg surplus) and the mean time taken to achieve 'goal weight' was 7.05 months (range two to 20 months) at a mean rate of 2.9 kg per month (range 1.85 to 5 kg). Altogether 121 subjects (56.3%) maintained goal weights within plus or minus 2.3 kg of goal; 79 subjects (36.7%) maintained within plus or minus 4.5 kg. At time of examination of the records, 39 subjects (18.8%) had maintained constant weight for more than four years, 22 subjects (10.6%) for three to four years, 65 subjects (31.4%) for two to three years, 58 subjects (28.5%) for one to two years, and 23 subjects (11.1%) for periods of up to one year.

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