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Neural tube defects in a country town
  1. M. J. Aylett1,
  2. C. J. Roberts2,
  3. S. Lloyd2
  1. 1The Surgery, High Street, Corsham, Wilts
  2. 2Department of Social and Occupational Medicine, The Welsh National School of Medicine, Cardiff

    Confirmation of clustering within a particularly small area


    Eighteen infants with neural tube defects occurring in 979 births over five years in a small Wiltshire town were investigated for evidence of spatial epidemicity. Applying a method not used previously in the study of these defects, clustering was confirmed, a critical distance between cases of up to 100 metres giving a highly significant result (P = 0·001), and with one exception the observed number of pairs significantly exceeds the expected number (P < 0·01) even up to 1,000 metres.

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    Confirmation of clustering within a particularly small area