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Lipoprotein types, serum cholesterol, and ABO blood groups
  1. A. Polychronopoulou,
  2. C. J. Miras,
  3. D. Trichopoulos
  1. Department of Biochemistry, Athens University Medical School, Athens 609
  2. Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Athens University Medical School, Athens 609


    Among 48 cases with primary hyperlipoproteinaemia (HLP) type II, 27 (56%) were of blood group A, while among 35 cases with primary HLP type IV, only 11 (31%) were of this blood group. The difference is large and statistically significant. Since serum cholesterol levels are fairly or very high in HLP type II, it is suggested that the known weak association between blood group A and serum cholesterol is a reflection of a more direct association between blood groups and lipoprotein types.

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