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Epidemiology and policy
P1-113 Patient satisfaction with urban and rural insurance and family physician program in markazi province
  1. M Taheri,
  2. A Amani,
  3. R Zahiri,
  4. M Mohammadi
  1. Arak University of Medical Sciences, Arak- markazi, Iran


Introduction Family physician plan is one of the basic programs of the Fourth Plan on Economic, Social and Cultural Development in the health sector. This program more than 5 years old is going, is currently deployed in all villages and urban areas with populations <20 000 people in Iran. This study was conducted with the aim of measuring User's Satisfaction from Urban to Rural Insurance and Family Practice Program in Markazi Province in the fall of 2009.

Materials and Methods This study is a descriptive—analytic and cross sectional, is done at 40 medical centers with family doctor services in the province. Demographic characteristics of individuals, personnel behaviour, spending time, guidance and training, service costs, adequacy of services, ability and skills of personnel, access to medical facilities, adequacy of facilities and equipment based on a questionnaire and interview patients or their relatives were registered.

Results 391 people were interviewed during the 3 months. The average age of 38.24±17.02 years, 66.5% of them women and 81.3% of them, were married. 34.52% of patients in high or very high were satisfied with the whole performance of health centers. This High or very high level of satisfaction was about the performance of family physicians, midwives, laboratory and pharmacy, respectively 33.1, 37.1, 36.8 and 38.3.

Conclusion In total, the program has been successful in the province. Policymakers can to achieve a higher level of satisfaction in the long term based on comments and service recipients and promoting program with some program processes.

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