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SP6-61 Risk assessment of occupational accidents and psychological status among employees in the military industry in Northwest Russia
  1. Z Varakina1,2,
  2. A Vyazmin2,
  3. A Sannikov2,
  4. A Grjibovski3,4
  1. 1Department of Research Management, Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk, Russia
  2. 2Department of Public Health, Health Care and Social Work, Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk, Russia
  3. 3International School of Public Health, Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk, Russia
  4. 4Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway


Introduction Occupational health and psychological comfort at work is important part of occupational safety promotion and reflects quality of life of employees. The aim of the study is to perform qualitative risk assessment of accidents and to study psychological status of employees in military industry in Northwest Russia.

Methods A cross-sectional questionnaire-based study was conducted in one of the military enterprises in the city of Arkhangelsk in 2010 in a random sample of employees (n=331) who reported on lifestyle, work experience and psychological comfort at work. Occupational hazards were analysed by criteria for risk assessment of accidents at working place (Tampere, 1994). Proportions were analysed by χ2 tests.

Results Most of the responders were males (70.1%, n=232) aged 29.6 years on average. There were no differences by gender in psychological comfort at working place (p=0.76). Only 16.9% of the responders estimated psychological comfort at the high level. Altogether, 71.0% responders considered their working place as dangerous (n=235). Among males this proportion was higher than among females (81.9% vs 45.5%, p<0.001). Substantial and intolerable risks of accidents were found in 14.2% and 11.8% of the responders, respectively. Substantial risk was estimated in 18.1% of males and 5.1% of females (p<0.001). Corresponding proportions for intolerable risk were 13.8% vs 7.1% (p<0.001).

Conclusions Employees in Russian military industry have high risks of occupational accidents in combination with absence of psychological comfort at working place.

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