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4.6 The development of public health guidance on the prevention of alcohol misuse and cardiovascular disease prevention: the work of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
O4-6.2 Preventing alcohol use disorders in adults and young people in England
  1. E Kaner
  1. Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK


Excessive drinking is currently the second greatest risk to health and well-being in developed countries such as the UK. Indeed, the wide-scale nature of the acute and chronic health problems, and the negative social consequences, linked to heavy drinking have led to the concept of the “Preventive Paradox.” Thus the greatest impact in tackling alcohol problems can be made by dealing with larger group of non-dependent drinkers who are at risk or harm due to their drinking compared to a focus on the relatively small group of individuals with severe problems (including dependence). This presentation will describe the role of NICE Programme Development Group in evaluating the wide ranging evidence-base relating to the prevention of alcohol problems and the challenge of formulating this evidence into public health guidance incorporating both upstream (population level) and downstream (practitioner level) interventions.

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