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SP6-30 Assessment of community awareness towards healthy lifestyles in UAE
  1. M Fikri,
  2. S El Badawi
  1. Ministry of Health, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Introduction A study was carried out in UAE in June 2009 for assessment of community awareness towards healthy lifestyle (HLS). The objective of the study was to; assess the awareness of community pertaining to risk factors associated with Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), to identify the source of information of respondent HLS knowledge and to recommend effective interventions for improved awareness.

Methods The study was cross sectional quantitative descriptive. The sample unit was the attendant to Primary healthcare Centers in the northern emirates. The sample size was 2034 local and resident Arabic speaking population aged ranged from 18 to 65 years. 53% of them were females while the rest were males.70% were local residents.

Results 74% of respondent were found to correlate between type of food and NCDs. 57% thought low carbohydrate and fat diet were suitable for weight loss.16.2% were found to be currently smoking. One fifth (23%) were able to relate smoking to increased risk of diabetes. only 10% thought that Hubble bubble is less hazardous to health from cigarettes. 95.6% knew about the positive relation of physical activity (PA) and good health, but only 46% identified correctly the recommended duration and frequency of PA. Main source of information for respondents for their knowledge was T.V (83%), newspapers and magazine (69%) health workers (37%).

Conclusion The study recommended the use of optimal means to raise the awareness of public in relation to HLS.

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