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SP6-18 Unemployment and self rated health: neighbourhood influence?
  1. L Giatti,
  2. S Barreto,
  3. C César
  1. Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil


Objetive To investigated whether unemployment and socioeconomic characteristics of the neighbourhood are associated with poor self rated health after adjustment for individual sociodemographic characteristics, behavioural risk factors and health status. Moreover, it tests whether living in socioeconomic deprivation areas modifies the association between unemployment and self rated health.

Methods Participants aged 15–64 years, living in four Brazilian Capitals included in the National Household Survey on Risk Behaviours and Reported Morbidity from Non-Communicable Diseases (2002/2003). Data from the 2000 Brazilian Population Census were used for building up two socioeconomic neighbourhood indicators: the proportion of householders with low income, a compositional variable of individual level characteristics, and residing in slums, a contextual variable not captured by individuals properties. Logistic regression analysis was estimated by Generalised Estimating Equations.

Results From the 6426 participants, 20.6% reported poor self-rated health. Unemployment as well as residing in slums or in low income household areas were significantly associated with poor self-rated health. The magnitudes of these associations were attenuated after adjustment for sociodemographic characteristics, behavioural risk factors and health condition of individuals. But, the association between unemployment and poor self-rated health was not modified by neighbourhood socioeconomic indicators.

Conclusion Results confirm the association between unemployment and poor self rated health, regardless the personal or contextual characteristics studied here. Similarly, they show a clear independent association between self rated health and neighbourhood context. But, they do not show that the neighbourhood contexts investigated modify the associations between unemployment and poor self rated health.

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