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SP5-25 Assessment of behavioural antecedents to testicular self-examination and torsion among male students of Babcock University Ilisan-Remo, Ogun state, Nigeria
  1. O Solademi,
  2. F Oshiname
  1. University of Ibadan, Ibadan/Oyo State, Nigeria


Testicular Torsion (TT) poses a serious health challenge to young men and Testicular Self-Examination (TSE) is recommended for its early detection and management. However studies related to the perception and adoption of TSE among students are not common in Nigeria. This study was designed to assess the knowledge, perceptions and practice of TSE, using a three-stage random sampling technique in selecting 500 male undergradutes for the quantitative survey. Respondents' mean age was 21±3.2 years. Only 28.2% had heard about TT; while 39.6%, had heard about TSE. The sources of information about TSE included health workers (16.4%), books (12.0%), magazines (10.6%), and friends (9.4%). Respondents' mean knowledge score was 8.5±4.8. 58% perceived every male to be vulnerable to testicular pain and/or swelling. Majority (62.0%) perceived testicular pain to be a symptom of testicular disorder, while 67.6% believed that swelling in the testes requires medical care. Few (18.2%) knew that testicular pain and/or swelling could lead to loss of testes. 67% considered TSE to be a useful practice. Only 0.4% had ever had TT; 33.0% had ever experienced testicular pain and/or swelling and only 8.4% had ever visited a hospital immediately. Only 48.0% had ever practised TSE. The mean knowledge score of respondents who had ever practised TSE (10.6±5.1) was significantly higher than the score of those who had never done so (6.7±3.7) (p<0.05). Participants' knowledge of TT and TSE was also low. Integration of TSE into the general studies curriculum of the university.

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