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4.5 Preventing chronic disease locally and globally: delivery of prevention intervention via the SupercourseChair: Prof. Ronald LaPorte, USA
O4-5.1 Telepreventive medicine as the future of epidemiology and disease prevention
  1. R LaPorte
  1. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


The problem of chronic disease around the world can be improved only through the means of prevention. Effective prevention of chronic disease cannot be achieved without what we call “Telepreventive Medicine.” The fundamental underlying concept is that information about disease prevention should be distributed using inexpensive Internet pathways. The birth of the discipline started a few years ago and has been recognised in the The British Medical Journal article. In the global public health arena, the concept of telepreventive medicine is an integral part of the Global Health Network Supercourse project, a global online library of nearly 5000 lectures and a network of 48 000 individuals in 174 countries. Telepreventive medicine has a great potential to improve global health, in both communicable and non-communicable diseases. For example, utilising the power of the Supercourse network and telepreventive medicine, Supercourse team was able to distribute information about H1N1 infection even before it made it to news media. We must differentiate telepreventive medicine from telemedicine. Telemedicine is designed to “cure” and it is expensive (like “telesurgery”, it is unlikely that telemedicine can have any effect on global health as it does not reach too many people. In contrast with telepreventive medicine we can reach millions with the prevention message. Through the Supercourse, telepreventive medicine epidemiology and new mobile global health approaches, information can be shared more rapidly with all students through their instructors.

Visit the Telepreventive Medicine Supercourse lecture at∼super1/lecture/lec10431/index.htm.

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